Best pound for pound lager

Its between perlenbacher and tyskie for me Clive.

Please don’t @me saying they’re pilsners or some BW nonsense, you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Not Stella fuckingpisstasting Ar fucking tois

Just saying, like

@harru its obviously Augustiner Hell you plank

Srs answer

Most readily available - birra moretti or Estrella Damn
My go to - Heineken

But different lagers for different needs. Depends on if I’m drinking out or at home. But will generally be quite happy with 1664 if it’s cheap enough


You’ll think me fanciful but I could make a case for Tennent’s

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The student’s union bar here used to do Angelo Poretti on draught for £3.20, that was quite a steal, then they replaced it with Punk IPA for £4.50 :imp:

Moretti yes but not available here, have to drive to the sainsbos at the border to stock up.

Travesty. Still


What sort of world is this where a pint costs 3 quid In the union :astonished:

Jfc nick clegg doesn’t deserve to live


yeah tyskie is the king of kings.

st etienne from the Aldi also. 70p cans yes please.

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Stella Artois.


Shut up m9


fack off.

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Estrella Galicia

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Premium - Estrella Galicia
Standard - Moretti/Estrella Damn/Budvar/Tyskie
Cheaper - Heineken/1664

I do at least one a month :neutral_face:

Sainsbos finest gin is :ok_hand:

The hot takes are flying in this thread

top 10:

  1. Veltins
  2. Estrella Galicia Bodega
  3. Krombacher
  4. Estrella Galicia
  5. Alhambra
  6. Heineken
  7. Staropramen (think they did something to the recipe recently, but so I’m talking 2010ish star)
  8. Augustiner Hell
  9. Stella Artois
  10. Asahi

I think the name Veltins, makes me think its better than it is, just sounds classy doesn’t it.

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its lovely. easy to drink, cold, fresh.