Best Pret Sandwich

  • Chicken caesar and bacon
  • New Yorker on rye bread
  • Crayfish and rocket (or avo)
  • Posh cheddar & pickle
  • Scottish smoked salmon
  • Pole & line caught tuna mayo
  • Classic Super Club
  • Avocado and herb salad wrap
  • Humous salad wrap
  • Cracking Egg Salad
  • Chicken, Avocado & Basil
  • Avo, Olives & Toms
  • Brie, Tomato & Basil
  • Wiltshire-Cured Ham & Greve
  • Italian Prosciutto
  • Hoisin Duck Salad Wrap
  • Other (please mention in the comments)

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Not on Pretbook, very little that fits my dietary requirements.

Apart from the cheap filter coffee you aint missing much…

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reckon i’ve only eaten about three of them

I’m not that posh. Almost always I go to Sainsbury’s or Tesco for the sandwich deal or an M&S after work at around 8:30pm when their near to out of date sandwiches are 50p.

not sure whether to be holier than though about pret. rarely use it.

oh fuck it



There are too many of them now. Doing this list has made me realise that

Christmas sandwich

Worked jobs where they give you a £5 pret voucher for lunch. Taking over London mate.

I would like everybody to know that I’ve never set foot in one. Just so you all know.

pret is shit, i would never eat from there. furthermore, i am a vegetarian.


dis is literally obsessed with places that sell food

Just had the club. It was ok at best


there’s a veggie pret here, it’s decent tbf

I am a vegetarian and use pret perhaps once a month. It is ‘fine’ but the best of the main high street options.

just a shite joke. as a member of the LME who works in television, i’m contractually obliged to eat at pret at least three times a week.

also: their bread (in the rolls anyway) is surprisingly good

oh, it’s more a treat for us types. cost me £3 for a coconut milk porridge the other day.