Best pub near victoria?


in london that is


cos nowhere else really exists does it

by near victoria i mean between vauxhall and victoria (i am very aware of Mother Kelly’s btw)




Probably the wetherspoons upstairs in the station


Bonapartes at Waterloo (is that still there?)


The only one between Vauxhall and Victoria I’ve been to that wasn’t dreadful is The Grosvenor


Red Lion on Market Street


Yeah, was going to say this.

Worked in Victoria for a couple of years and this was the only decent place I could find.


Yeah, this. A mate used to live in Pimlico and this was definitely the pick.


Definitely Cask.


did i ever tell you i saw you and brusma in mother kelly’s one time?

now i have


Ol’ Ma Kelly? :scream:


Queens arms on warwick way’s not too bad.


went here, was great

edit: so thank you!