Best Remix Albums?

Ones that instantly spring to mind are…

Phantom Phorce - SFA
Radiohead - TKOL RMX 1234567
Soulwax - Nite Versions

What other Remix albums are worth checking out?


Piece Work by Ewan Pearson is amazing. A collection of his remixes of Goldfrapp, Flaming Lips, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and others, including an Enjoy the Silence that I prefer to the original.

26 Mixes for Cash by Aphex Twin is great as well.

I really like that instrumental version of the minor victories album but not strictly a remix album I guess.

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The Four Tet one is decent though I much prefer his remixes to the remixes of his own songs.


the cure - mixed up


That was my route into The Cure, still my favourite.

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Some crackers on here.


And this was just so cohesive and lovely:

Pet Shop Boys / Disco
Saint Etienne / Casino Classics
Beloved / Blissed Out

edit : I’m not just naming some I know, these are records I love

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The other Soulwax one with their remixes of The Gossip, Muse, LCD Soundsystem etc is really good.


Good shout! I fucking love that album!

Casino classics is a great album!

Did you get the 4 disc reissue (which had the download of another disc’s worth too)? And then there’s also Mondo Casino, which they were selling at last year’s Good Humour gigs, which had a bunch of other remixes (although there is a little bit of crossover).

All good, but disc one of the original (which was also disc two of the first copies of Too Young To Die) is what I listen to most.

I’ve got the original double CD only.

A few of my favourite!

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Agree with The Cure’s ‘Mixed Up’ and Pet Shop Boys ‘Disco’ - two prefect remix albums. The (Rest Of) New Order has some great mixes too.

Who knew that four remixes of ‘Mogwai Fear Satan’ would be so essential?


This sounds like an ideal poll opportunity…

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A poll with two voters probably :rofl:

I remember the Surgeon remix being a big beautiful wall of noise, bit I’d have to listen back to the others.

I think I’ve just worked out what I’m doing with the next 30 minutes or so. The funny thing is, I was never that bothered by MFS, much preferred Like Herod.

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