Best sandwich



What’s your bread?
What’s your spread?
What’s your filling?
What’s your accompanying snack?

Chat allowed.
Do polls if you like - CBA meself


never buy supermarket sandwiches cause they all have one ingredient in which ruins it (usually butter or mayo)


Mashed potato. White bread. Loads of butter. It’s heaven in beige.


Mash sandwich?


Bacon sandwich is the best.

From supermarkets I’d go for BLTs or Beef and Horseradish.


Wholemeal bread
Fried chicken breast


different sandwiches for different needs obviously

but BLTA is preeeeetty good.


does this include toasties? love a toastie


Coronation chicken. Probably the most reliable from a supermarket, and the best at home.


Farmhouse brown
German smoked ham


There is no best sandwich, as japes said. Variety is the spice of life.


you’ve got me thinking about salt beef beigels now :frowning:


This thread has reminded me that I have pastrami in the fridge, and bagels in the cupboard. Looks like I’ll be having another early lunch.



New York pastrami or like a salt beef sandwich probably innit


Most sandwiches are “ok” at best. Thanks for reading.


Sometimes you can’t beat a really simple white bread, marg and ham or sliced cheese. Cheap but satisfying.


very hard to pick a single best. But I’m going to try

Homemade - leftover roast chicken from sunday with mayo and salt and pepper

Out - new youk Deli type things with loads of meat and pickles


love a ham and cheese - but butter for me please


You occasionally say things I disagree with