Best Sci Fi Films



Let’s dig in, nerds.

I’m going to offer up the Fifth Element as just something utterly fun and will executed. What went wrong Luc? :’(

But yeah. Blade Runner obv gets an automatic look-in. Star Wars fans need to pause before they need to write a single word in this thread, eh?



  1. Prometheus
  2. Alien Covenant


2001: A Space Odyssey


I think you mean Prometheus
edit: better.







I was just adding that in as you replied


Is Bourne science fiction?

I really liked District 9


so far:

1: Prometheus
2: Alien Covenant

2001: A Space Odyssey


Well actually Star Wars isn’t really scifi.

(@1101010 - back me up T-Dog)


what the bourne trilogy?


or very good, so i guess it doubles up as a no-mention here


Source Code (if you turn it off with 3 mins or so of the running time left to go)





I also really like the new planet of the apes films, is it rise of and dawn of?


It’s Frequency by an absolute mile and anyone who says otherwise is a twat.


Gattaca’s pretty good.

Can we have animated films, or is this live action only?

The answer to Best Sci-fi film is Blade Runner regardless.


it’s an incredibly popular series of films where matt damon plays a cia assassin with amnesia