Best service stations outside the UK

A big treat for @Bamnan to go on a world tour

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The huge one in Luxembourg that does stuff like 4am breakfasts

The ones in Andorra with lots of weird duty free stuff

don’t think I could handle this level of excitement

Doubt he’s having any of that outside Northants nonsense

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Japanese ones sell these- omiyage. Boxes of cakes and biscuits with some kind of local theme. Think this picture’s from Nara where the big attraction is the deer temple. (They also sell them at train stations and airports). If you go somewhere, you’re supposed to bring back some of these for the work snack table, ensuring there’s a continual supply of different free snacks at work. (The selection boxes in the photo are about a fiver mostly)

That’s where a lot of those weird flavoured kitkats come from too. They’ll do different ones for different regions.


that’s beautiful

Repsol is the king of petrol stations imo.


also those french ones where they have buffets of pizza and sausages and fries.

Italian ones where they’ll have like a Burger King, but also an old man in a corner making a risotto.

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I had the worst coffee of my life at this Sonic on I-35. However, also on I-35 but on the Northbound side there is an incredible, incredible convenience store/service station which I can’t find right now but it was basically a huge cabin of tasty American delights with a salad bar and everything, absolutely wonderous when you’re dog tired. Huge fridge of amazing, ice-cold drinks.

Panther Junction, Texas.

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Thing I’ve seen in Slovakia and Switzerland- local cheese vending machines.

(This photo is from Bratislava bus terminal last Feb- a place I have spent far, far too much time in)


And 20 different instant coffee machines, all in one big row.

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Clearly Texas is good for this stuff

Ones in the middle of the desert in Morocco that are like someone’s house with some petrol pumps outside, where if you’re getting a cross-country bus, they’ve cooked a massive dinner timed for your stop off that you can buy.

The toilets however will be squat ones and have worryingly huge cockroaches.

First hole in the ground toilet I ever saw was in a service station near Amiens. I was mesmerised

Advanced mode - one on a train in Japan that was up little steps, and being female, you have to squat 100% of the time…

Quintessential French motorway aire:

Picnic tables under some trees full of blossom and/or cicadas, with a panoramic view and general idyllic air, until you venture in to the toilets.


May also have an outdoor open trough urinal for some reason, hidden behind a waist-height wall