Best Simpsons Season?

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
  • Season 5
  • Season 6
  • Season 7
  • Season 8
  • Season 9

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Only included the ‘golden era’ (1-9), because only an idiot would think anything after that is the best.

We did this already it’s 6

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I’ve always had Season 6 down as the best. Every episode is top-notch, it’s ridiculous.

But having recently rewatched some boxsets, I’m starting to realise that 4 is actually an excellent batch of episodes. It doesn’t contain many of my personal favourites, but it’s the best produced season overall.

Series 3 was when it was at its best I think, series 4 is also excellent. I don’t really get the love for series 6 though. There are some very good episodes in there but some real stinkers like Bart Vs Australia.

Bart vs Autralia is one of the best/most quotable episodes you chazwozza :open_mouth:

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Really? I thought it was awful. Also a bit sick of people quoting the chazwozza bit.

then my work here is done. Disparaging the episode is a bootable offence btw

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It’s an episode of good moments but not a good episode imo

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sure i’d maybe go along with that, but when there are SO MANY GREAT MOMENTS it kinda makes up for the silly plot

Yeah Season 4 wins it for Marge in Chains alone personally, but it’s also got Mr Plow, Whacking Day, Lisa needs braces/dental plan, I choo-choo-choose you. Jokes per minute rate is insane.

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I’d rather a paddlin’.

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For iconic/most memorable moments alone it has to be season 6:

  • Milppooool
  • Bort + everything else that happens at Itchy and Scratch Land
  • Gummy Venus de Milo
  • Do it for her
  • Clown college
  • Knifey spoony
  • “Something said, not good!”
  • See my vest
  • Lemon of Troy
    are just a handful of the delights that feature during season 6


Never quite understood how people bunch non-linear shows like The Simpsons in seasons, especially when it’s/ was so ubiquitous you’d watch em all over the place.

I could look at a list and pick out my favourite episodes and pick a season, seems needy though.

Season 4


Also owning this as a kid


TV does generally tend to play them in order though, plus there’s a big difference in tone depending on who the showrunner(s) are at the time

Does anyone really watch them in order? If you’ve the box set fair enough I guess. As someone who watches them as and when they’re on I probably haven’t grouped series together. Maybe an excuse to watch them all again from the start.

I have through box sets, but as I say, TV tends to do it in order anyway when it’s playing a particular season