Best single artist compilations

Are there any compilations of an artist’s music that you think stand up as a truly satisfying listen? Given their nature, I’m not usually a fan of them - A bunch of singles strung together without any thought to how they flow. However, I got a compilation of The Temptations’ late-60s stuff called ‘Psychedelic Soul’ recently. It’s outstanding. All the good shit.

Stock answer is SFA’s Songbook. As solid an album band as they are, that’s their definitive work by some way IMO



Are we including compilations of EPs? If so, The Three EPs by The Beta Band, or Push Barman… by Belle and Sebastian


Good call, that. Seems to be the only one I reach for when I want to listen to them now.



New Order - Substance


Abba Gold is the best one
Discography by the Pet Shop Boys is also very good


Neil Young’s Decade is pretty flawless


Love a good best of. Immaculate Collection is obviously wonderful. Also James best of is perfect

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Great call :smiley:


Kinks - the Ultimate Collection
Ramones - Anthology

Both 30-odd tracks of pure excellence which have pretty much sated my appetite for either band. I check out their albums sometimes but mostly end up thinking all the best tracks are on the compilation

erm, The Best of the Beatles.

Also if anyone knows of a waterboys comp that does the job I’d be much obliged

New Order - Singles (Disc 1)

Doesn’t really matter that the tracks were recorded over a period of ten years and then just run together chronologically because every single one is an absolute belter. It’s like how some people claim an outfit should match in some tedious way but I maintain that if the T-shirt looks good and the shoes look good then together it’s impossible for them to be less than twice as good.

I guess all 4 Drexciya - Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller compilations are amazing too.

buzzcocks - singles going steady
leonard cohen - greatest hits


Got to include one instance of Fisherman’s Blues in there, surely? Ensures both pub band favourites are covered.

You’re right. It’s Abba Gold. Just amazing pop songs. No contest.

A relatively recent favourite of mine is Goldfrapp’s.

One that never was: Greatest Hell’s Hits by AC/DC. Pulled together by the record label, promo copies produced, but never went on sale as the band opposed it. It’s a brilliant tracklisting though - Pretty much all you’d ever need by them.

Singles Going Steady a great choice. I’ve never really felt the need to explore beyond it tbh.

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