Best single artist compilations


One that never was: Greatest Hell’s Hits by AC/DC. Pulled together by the record label, promo copies produced, but never went on sale as the band opposed it. It’s a brilliant tracklisting though - Pretty much all you’d ever need by them.


Singles Going Steady a great choice. I’ve never really felt the need to explore beyond it tbh.


I reckon if Hot Chip were to put one out, it would probably become my go to Hot Chip record.


Like You Do… by the Lightning Seeds
Supergrass Is 10
Inches by LSF


Al Green - Greatest Hits
Buzzocks - Singles Going Steady
XTC - Fossil Fuel
Roy Orbison- The Monument Singles
Wire - 85-90 The A List


the secret life of the waterboys '81 - '85 is pretty good & covers their best years before they ruined it by going raggle taggle

although the first three albums all stand up & had nice expanded versions released that are worth checking out


squeeze - cosy fan tutti frutti is a great compilation of their stuff

(but the correct answer has already been mentioned - substance, new order)


Cocteau Twins - Stars & Topsoil works really well.


(easy mode) Whichever smiths comp you like most

Hatful of hollow

Louder than Bombs

The other one with the cover Morrissey talked about for 5 pages in his shit book


Death To The Pixies was my intro to Pixies and tbh it’s still my go-to when I feel like listening to them.


Standing on a beach- The Cure.


Mogwai: Government Commissions deserves a mention. It’s by no means comprehensive but it’s an excellent introduction to the band’s early-ish years. Also contains definitive versions of Like Herod and Helicon 1.


That version of Helicon 1 is still the best thing they’ve done. :+1:


The Ramones anthology I have (Hey Ho Let’s Go) has got 57 tracks on it. That’s pretty much enough Ramones for most people I would have thought (and it’s all gold).

It’s also my four year old daughter’s favourite album :+1:


Who Is William Onyeabor. It’s the GOAT. Also got comps of B-52s, ESG, Horace Andy, The Cribs, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Girls Aloud, and Nina Simone taking up permanent residence in my car, because I find a greatest hits is particularly good to drive to.

Most artists who did the majority of their recorded output pre-60s are available now pretty much exclusively on compilation CDs. My dad’s a big blues guy, so he’s got big stashes of single artist comp CDs that are absolute gems.


Can’t believe no one mentioned Changes Bowie.


The Weeknd’s Trilogy album~


I rate Joy Division’s Substance (CD version) over both their albums proper.


No Love Kills or Chasing the Night though. Ahm out. (Also, the correct answer to how much is enough Ramones for most people is: All the Ramones. :D).


Les Plus Grands Succès De Chic: Chic’s Greatest Hits

Came out in 1979, everything on there is already on their first three albums, although they’re 7" edits and longer 12" single versions which aren’t found anywhere else. I didn’t think it was essential until hearing it. The track listing is excellent and it ends PERFECTLY with My Feet Keep Dancing (should’ve been the last track on Risque, although that also has an amazing ending). Such an incredible finale.