Best single artist compilations


I used to be really anti-compilations but sometimes they work. Even if you already have all the songs on other albums, sometimes it’s worth having them anyway because the track listing offers a slightly different experience and sometimes you just want a casual dive into an oeuvre rather than a deep explore.

Rateyourmusic is a decent site for checking out good compilations.


REM’s Part Lies… is an excellent compilation, captures the whole career

i find i play this more nowadays than the various albums


run that by me again


oh yeah the girls aloud one bangs


Thanks to the YMSS thread, I found this:

Yes mates. Yes.

Another career-spanning comp is Dance to the Rhythm by Twofold, which is amazing and charts the rise of Kingston’s finest from regular noisy hardcore band to bizarre disco metal punk

Fuck me it’s a POUND


A bit different because it’s a B-side compilation (and thus no overlap with their actual albums), but Suede’s Sci-Fi Lullabies is fantastic, especially the first half


If we’re going down the rarities/b-sides/non-album track route, then:

Dead Kennedys - Give me convenience or give me death


Listened to this for the first time yesterday. I don’t know why it passed me by… 15 year old PB would have been all over it.


The Jesus & Mary Chain — Barbed Wire Kisses