Best site for music news updates?


Any recommendations for good sites to keep up to date with music news? Abandoning some of the ones from my youth (admittedly a long time coming) because how awful they’ve become outweighs the convenience and familiarity. Would be grateful for any suggestions :blush:


poor sean.


I’ve never really used the DIS site for music news stuff. Adore the forums and some of the other content but it never really struck me as somewhere that was particularly as-it-happens with news stuff. Maybe I’ll give the new one a try?


Seriously though, I rarely go on to the main music sites actual webpages anymore. I follow the bands I like and the accounts of the various different blogs/sites I used to use.


We had to stop doing news when we couldn’t afford to employ anyone part time any longer.

I know people think DiS is some big organisation with rows of desks and endless interns but the truth is it’s done in people’s spare time nowadays. Gone are the days when Blackberry or Nokia would spend £30k and we’d put someone on a £18k salary to sit rewriting press releases for a year.