Best small festival?

Never been to one. Been planing to for a while, but never got round to it. Small as possible, but cheap, here or abroad?

My research last year brought me to the conclusion that Indietracks would be a logical starting point, possibly followed by OFF.

Depends what music you like

Bit of a difference between bangface and indietracks

Never been to indietracks because I can only take so much twee so I may be wrong, but apart from 1 or 2 acts most years the lineup looks pretty meh
Green Man used to be good but seems to be in decline for lineups too
End of the Road looks alright most of the time

Good point.

I like folk music and y’know, the same generic guitar music you all pretend not to listen to.

I don’t like dance music of any kind, heavy guitar music, pop music, etc.

End of the Road release their line up tomorrow, might be worth seeing who they have booked this year.

Bingley Music Live is a great small festival in West Yorkshire. I go almost every year, superb mix of local and up-coming bands, old favourites - plus a few big name headliners.

Does End Of The Road count as small still? It’s the biggest I’ve been to so I don’t have much frame of reference, but since expanding it doesn’t really feel all that intimate. Still a great place though and worth going if the line up is decent.

A small one I’ve been to twice and loved is Lunar festival, but alas it isn’t on this year.



This year they have The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, The Vaccines, Maximo Park & Cabbage plus loads more. Mostly not my bag but the line-up has a ton of indie guitar bands.

Indietracks is great if you really like indie pop. The crowd is good, 99.9% of people there are for the music. You can listen to bands play on a steam train and they have a decent ales. It’s a tiny festival but loads of fun.

If you like folky stuff, then End of The Road is a better bet but it’s significantly bigger than Indietracks.

End of the Road is usually good for folk/indie stuff…buy don’t discount the heavier guitar side of the lineup. It’s seeing the likes of Metz, Martha and Thee oh Sees there that has rekindled my taste for that vein of rock music.

I am still recovering from bangface 2010.

You know when you walk into a room and can’t remember why?

Because bangface.

If you like dance music (I know you don’t), it’t still Tauron Nowa Muzyka:

I’m hearing good things about South East Fest. Crystal Piss are playing.

Not sure how small is small, but Festival No 6 is great. It all takes place in Portmeirion in Wales over several locations and has a wide range of music, comedy, discussions, DJs etc.

My favourite small festival is supernormal by a mile. But may not be for the OP as it is mainly tuneless pan drumming that lots of us on here pretend to like (I love it).

Other small ones I’d recommend:

Red rooster in Suffolk (if, like me, you like punk rock blues. Last year was king Khan and bob log iii)

Cloudspotting in lancs. I haven’t been for a couple of years but is in a lovely location and usually has some good music involved (last couple of years have had for e.g. Ezra furman, lovely eggs, wave pics, haiku salut, kiran Leonard, king creosote. That type of thing).

Indie tracks is good but it largely depends on your indie pop threshold. I thought mine was quite high, but after a weekend at indie tracks it would seem it is not high enough. I’ve only been once.

Supernormal is great, been to the last 5. As long as you aren’t narrow minded there is always several bands that you’ve never heard of that blow your mind. Last year Giant Swan were playing on the Saturday night, half our crowd decided to go over and see them and they were collosal. The other half of the crowd (there’s always 20+ of us) never heard the end of it.
Agree with earlier poster about Lunar, shame they are taking a break. They hiked the price by about £35 last year, and loads of people opted out. Wasn’t £35 better (about a 50% rise) so serves them right.strong text

Went to Bluedot last year which was fantastic (especially considering it was the inaugural). There was something quite majestic about watching acts underneath the Lovell telescope. Lots of interesting talks on as well if you are nerd like me.

Capacity is about 10,000 so it’s fairly small, but you might not call it cheap (~£130).

If by folk you mean acoustic indie bands then end of the road.

If you mean folk:

Dunno if Solfest is still going but that was great. Very eclectic but great vibe