Best soap (tv) moments of all time


The episodes were not well received by viewers or the media. The BBC and the programme makers were heavily criticised for the stereotypical way they portrayed Irish people.[7]Viewers were angered by scenes that they felt portrayed Irish as resentful towards English, drunk, dirty, poor and rude – one scene showed a drunk man pouring beer over Pauline Fowler (later revealed to be her brother-in-law), and then demanding payment for the drink.


The greatest


It’s sad that I realised that the alcoholic at the beginning was in 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps.


David Platt with the radiator when he finds out his mate is seeing his ex…comedy gold


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The bit where the tram comes crashing down with that noise like something out of Jurassic Park :100:


I’m on a right Corrie/Neighbours/Brookie trip thanks to this thread.

’ Paul arrived at the scene in October 2011 when Eileen Grimshawtrapped her head in the railings at Underworld during her 50th birthday celebrations.’


Imagine being an Eastenders person


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this was actually really good, no shit


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Gail is too much


Was not expecting to be that aroused


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