Best song that _____ never wrote

What’s the best song that _______ never wrote? Not just a song that kind of sounds like it could have been written by someone else, but a great song where every time you hear it, you automatically think of the other artist and are kind of surprised they didn’t get there first. Could be a good way to discover some new bands, I dunno.

Trail of the Dead

"Metal Carnage" by Deaf Wish

This would fit perfectly on the Trail of the Dead s/t debut. He even sounds like Jason Reece on this one.

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Queens of the Stone Age

"Impressions" by Hooded Fang

This song, like much of the album, is pure Queens of the Stone Age. You can practically hear the scuzzy “Sick-Sick-Sick” bass when the riff escalates, and that chorus is built for Josh Homme’s falsetto. It’s actually kind of frustrating that this isn’t on Era Vulgaris.

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Nothing To Forget by Dillinger Escape Plan is the best song Angel Dust-era Faith No More never wrote.

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Stone Temple Pilots

"L.A." by Elliott Smith

That riff and those chords are pure Dean DeLeo, and the guitar sound and vocal style would fit perfectly on Tiny Music.

Spencer Krug / Wolf Parade

“Ghost Boy” by Spielbergs

It feels kind of like a more soaring cousin of “Dinner Bells” off of Wolf Parade’s debut. It seems made for Krug’s voice too. One of the best songs of the year.

Don Henley - Boys of Summer is the best song Vampire Weekend never wrote

Werewolves of London is the best song Bob Dylan never wrote.


I don’t like Bruce ‘Bossman’ Springsteen but if he was more like Tom Waits I would.

There are actually a load of good songs I can think of that remind me of ‘Steen, just never been able to enjoy the man himself.

Blink 182

"Star" by Jesu

Don’t laugh, this would fit perfectly on their self-titled album. It’s a very Blink chord progression and he even sounds like Mark Hoppus here.

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Going to have to stop you there Clive.


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Davidian, the best song Slayer could never write.

sorry mate, you cant ask this then compare Jesu to Blink 182

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I used to ride in a vanpool to work with a bunch of incredibly racist old men, and the only thing they loved more than making fun of the homeless people we passed was this song. The soundtrack for hell.

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Oh… No.


On a similar Tom/Bruce note, a very famous one. But I guess there’s a reason for that. Probably why he felt obliged to cover it.

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Sounds like something that would fit on a Desert Sessions sesh

Every Nu Metal band wished they write this

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