Best song with rock 'n roll in the title

The only ones that count are these ones I can remember

  • Gary Glitter - Rock n Roll (Part 1 or 2)
  • Led Zeppelin - Rock n Roll
  • Oasis - Rock n Roll Star
  • Velvet Underground - Rock n Roll

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Added bonus of a bagpipe solo

Edit: forget it YouTube only have shit cover versions for some reason

It probably is Glitter tbf

Or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

It’s Rock’n’Roll Lifestyle by Cake

Around the rock n roll dolf?

You’re all wrong. This is the best song with rock’n’roll in the title.

Can’t defend him in any way, but musically the Glitter beat wins.

I love rock n’ roll by Joan Jett


quite like the stones Only Rock n Roll actually

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Rock n Roll Suicide


Pray silence please, for the Electric Light Orchestra

Rock n roll suicide shirley

I hate rock n roll - JAMC
I love rock n roll - JAMC


Kiss innit?

God Gave Rock n Roll To You.

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Do You Remember Rock 'n Roll Radio? - The Ramones
Rock 'n Roll is Full of Bad Wools - Half Man Half Biscuit

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Rock’n’Roll High School ain’t too shabby either.


I’d take this over all the songs in the list bar glitter. The dubbed-out disco production on it - by Jeff ‘War Of The Worlds’ Wayne - is pretty incredible.