Best songs/albums of the 2010s music publication lists thread

May as well collect them all in one thread:



That paste one in a weird way is more pitchfork than pitchfork

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Good list this. This is and the Gorilla vs Bear one are the only one’s I’ve gelled with so far. Good to see Double Cup so high up there. Think this is the only list I’ve seen Total Control on so far, surprised they chose Henge Beat instead of Typical System.

Think this is the first list where there are a fair few albums I haven’t heard of.

More generally I think these decade lists are interesting - throwing up some pretty eclectic and musically challenging stuff.

Well the #1 was a surprise.

Like this list

I’m just pleased someone has finally ranked Let England Shake highly


was really enjoying this one until I had no idea who number 1 was