Best Soup Flavour



No polls, just argue your corner. Thanks @kat_olivia for the inspiration. :stew:



(I really like Heinz Beef Broth and Baxter’s Pea and Ham)


I like my mum’s leek and potato and you’re all welcome to come round and try it whenever she brings me some more round. :stew:


I can’t believe this thread is already a thing. DiS has truely mined the depths of banality.

Having said that - 64% FOR TOMATO SOUP???

The best is obviously mushroom.






Tomato and roasted red pepper, i roast them in the oven with a bit of salt and olive oil and blend it :tomato: if I’m buying soup then the tomato one from pret is really good


Tomato or leek & potato


French onion (for the croutons) or oxtail (for the oxtail).


Oh we have gone way, way, waaaaay more banal than that, friend!



Ah, golden memories of enthralling discourse…




this is a good take.

absolutely love croutons. minestrone is the best flavour of cup o’soup purely bc it is crouton-heavy.


Honey roast parsnip, maybe do some crispy kale to go on top. Bring on the autumn. :fallen_leaf:


Some kind of spicy lentil and bean, I guess.




Hardly know er!


Minestrone. Feels like a nice warm dinner in a bowl.