Best Soup Flavour?

Who cares? Soup is boring.

@kermitwormit is wrong about broccoli and Stilton though. Mmm mould soup, delicious! :nauseated_face:

Chat, argue, whatever, just keep it clean.

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Mould soup is delicious

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Soup is NOT boring and I am right


Fizzy Cream of Chicken

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canned cream of tomato.


More than enough thanks for asking

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I said keep it clean!
Get out of my thread.
(you can stay if you share a pic of silly toddler)

leek and potato or a good french onion


Broccoli & stilton is clearly the best
Then those Heinz Big Soups, the beef and veg one is best
French onion

Can take or leave the rest.

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Using canned tomato soup as an ingredient in a more complicated dish

  • Ooh that’s ingenious!
  • Oh do fuck off

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  • Soup is boring
  • Kermitwormit is wrong
  • Soup is not boring
  • Kermitwormit is right

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Mushroom soup as a sauce for chicken.

Nice soup opinions, pal.

Swap chicken for oxtail and you could be right

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Forgot oxtail. Big fan.

I thought we were bonding over our gammon appreciation, but I’m drifting now…

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Oh I’ve never done it, just heard of it as a thing.

Pea and ham is good. Makes me feel so tired after eating it though.

Agree that a good French onion soup is pretty hard to beat

Doesn’t the Heinz tomato have a recipe for chicken casserole using the soup as a base on the label. Nobody has ever made that, have they.