Best South Park episode?


Good Times with Weapons or Butters’ Very Own Episode spring to mind for me. Don’t think I’ve seen past Season 14 though.


I like the one where they’re racist, but ironically.


Scott Tennorman Must Die
Imagination Land Parts 1-3
Casa Bonita


Haven’t seen south park since about 1998.

Thought it was shit.


you’re thinking of ‘life in 1st world countries’


Oh yeah. That one.


2nd favourite episode is the one where they’re homophobic, but ironically.




Licecapades. Hold on, Kelly!

I think @marsbarbarbar picked my other three favourites. Good picking.


Haven’t watched for years, but saw an episode recently that was about men leaving the toilet seat up and then women falling in and dying and there was a bit where there was an open casket funeral with butters (?) mum still in the toilet and I properly belly laughed. So that


Medicinal Fried Chicken or the one about NASCAR for me


I don’t think I’m missing out.


If i was showing an episode to someone for the first time, would 100% choose Scott tenorman must die. Love pretty much all of season 13, chimpokomon, casa bonita, good times with weapons and for the series type episodes, the recent ones with princess kenny are great


The Butters episode is probably a work of art.

Randy deciding that alcohol is a disease and getting himself a blanket and wheelchair is solid.

Casa Bonita - good shout whoever said that above, not scrolling up sry.

Christian pop group.

Creme Fraiche.

Big fan of the fact that absolutely everyone on earth is a target. Marckee’s comments don’t make sense in that respect: every single character in the history of the show was a send-up of every single nationality, but it takes harshest aim at white America. Chef was something of an exception to that rule but then he became a scientologist and they (rightly) went for the throat immediately.


Yeah, “It’s okay to punch down, because we also sometimes punch up,” isn’t something that I can get on board with, tbh.


I showed my parents the one with Somali pirates and they found it funny, but were a bit put out when the Somali guys all got shot at the end


uh oh you misread me

they don’t ‘sometimes’ punch up, at all. They constantly do, every single episode.

edit: not that every single episode is always funny. but white America takes one in the eye either as the centrepiece or in the characters’ reactions to whatever theme it is


the people I used to know that watched it seemed to be talking more about the punching down more than the punching up.


get better people?

as a kid the only thing people i know who watched it did was quote the various catchphrases that had no specific target. What were your racist pals up to?


Was actually thinking about South park this morning, butters bottom bitch, what an episode