Best South Park episode?


Yeah, I think it goes back to that discussion we had on here the other week about the generation of men who were young teenagers when South Park, Eminem Jackass etc first came around and who flocked to ‘edgy’ humour, and who now make up swathes of the Alt Right.

  1. The Return of the Fellowship to the Two Towers
  2. Scott Tenorman Must Die
  3. Make Love Not Warcraft

Butters is obviously the best character.


of the ones not already mentioned…

Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina
Make Love, Not Warcraft
Informative Murder Porn
You Got F’d in the A
Over Logging


Warcraft one
One where Stan’s dad has giant huge bollocks


Just remembered Awesome-o and Manbearpig. Both classics.


don’t you have enough indie points? :wink:


Can’t help being this punk


The Russell Crowe one but dont really think people should be watching South Park over the age of 21


they weren’t MY … people.

just edge lord that I worked with who found it hilarious that there was a disabled person or something. I can’t remember. Sat next to the cunt for about 4 years.


You mean the episode called ‘cripple fight’, that was based around the kids goading two disabled people into a fight, wasn’t punching up?


That sounds about right. Colleague found it HILARIOUS. Did not sound like it was making the comfortable uncomfortable to me.


Oh, and there was an episode where they said an election was basically a choice between a douchebag and a shit sandwich, so it doesn’t really matter.

Great stuff.


this stuff —> 4 CHAN -----> GamerGate-----> alt-right-----> Trump


oooh you gotta be careful because Rick and Morty, everyone on here’s mega favourite, is 4chan city. (far, far more-so than SP)


I’ve seen the first 3 episodes. seemed ok.


I don’t recall R&M heading into #problematic territory until season 2 or so.

I’m still going with South Park being much worse offenders in that area though.


Haven’t watched it in ages but, as mentioned above, Randy pushing his massive balls around in a wheelbarrow while singing “Buffalo Soldier” is definitely the high water mark.


Season 8 was brilliant, so many classic episodes.

Sgt Yates in the Jeffersons. :ok_hand:


The Christian Rock one always sticks in my mind.