Best Squeeze Song?


the guitar sound on the intro to ‘is that love?’ is mega. Just edges out Another Nail In My Heart for me.


I’ve only heard two but it’s up the junction


yeh id go for Is That Love as well, Pulling Mussels and Annie Get Your Gun are bangers too


they’re literally all good tbf, apart from hourglass imho


Pulling Mussels. Perfect guitar pop. Even a Jools Holland boogie-woogie piano solo can’t ruin it.


quite mad how under rated they are, pretty perfect singles band


imagine how much money glenn tilbrook would have if he’d taken the Cathy Dennis route and written songs for popstars. imagine how big eg coffee in bed would be if reworked for Taylor Swift or Sheeran or something


Any one of the first 12 on CD 1 of The Big Squeeze


Pulling Mussels or Another Nail In My Heart


Tempted. Best song Neil Finn never wrote.


It’s a fucking brilliant song


Absolute banger


It’s Cool For Cats.


Reminds me of Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs!


Pulling mussels from a shell is my favourite Squeeze song but I tell you what the theme song to cradle to the grave from a couple of years ago is pretty damn awesome…


Way too many great songs to be able to choose just one. They are a seriously underrated band.


This is great…


Such a great band. Remember hearing ages ago about a big fan who used to the follow them on tour. At the start of Tempted he always used to throw a toothbrush on stage at at the singing of “I brought a toothbrush…”. Great story.

Always think of Tillbrook, Andy Partridge and Elvis Costello as absolute songwriting masters of that era. They all knocked out these lean, melodic pop numbers. Just perfectly crafted, lyrically smart gems all over their back catalogues.


obviously a big Costello connection, but I’d add Nick Lowe to that list too