Best Sugar Free Fizzy Pop

As I’m having a weekend of the sauce gonna treat myself to a nice big ol’ bottle of fizzy pop.

As it’ll be a big bottle I don’t want too Mich sugar so Diet/Sugar free only.

Thinking something ginger beery.



Cherry Pepsi Max is pretty great. 7up free, too.

Dr Pepper Zero is great if you don’t normally drink Dr Pepper. It’s fucking terrible in comparison to the real thing but if you don’t have that frame of reference then it’s good.

Most supermarket own brand sugar free ginger beers are good.

changed my opinion of pepsi max ginger. kinda into it now.

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Fanta fruit Twist Zero. Very similar to the usual version.

When I’m off alcohol I’m quite partial to what I call “posh pop”. Things like Schloer, Appletizer, Bottle Green etc. but they aren’t sugar free

No need for the tautology m8 hahahahahahahah


Diet Dr pepper cherry vanilla

Ginger Pepsi Max.

will be quite surprised if this gets a like off anyone else

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No such thing as a good sugar free fizzy drink

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Don’t know if these are available outside Italy but the grapefruit and lemon are the best sugar free drinks I’ve had. Orange doesn’t quite cover up the sweetener taste as well. Haven’t tried the ginger.

A sugar free posh pop would be exactly what I’m after.

I almost bought grapetiser… But that’s not either.

Gassata is a good word

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This looks right up my street.

I get it and I’m not even Scottish

Got one of these on the go.



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How is/was it?

Went for this.