Best Supermarket Curry?


what ye got?

Rolling great ready meals thread

Chaz Bingerz Tikka Masala innit


These ones:


tesco used to do one called mummyji. Was really good. RIP mummyji


can’t even work this one out



(he’s wrong, btw)


No I’m fucking not


Yeah, definitely Charlie BigMan’s if they’re reduced or you’ve got money to burn.

Otherwise, I’ve found both Sainsbo and Mozzer’s do a serviceable effort. Had a Sainsbo Taste The Difference Beef Madras a few weeks ago that was good.

If you’re making it yourself, but cba sorting out spices and fresh ingredients and etc, these are a good shout:|20000|158500&entry=tastesmiths&groupSimilarProducts=y



just get an actual takeaway instead


Seriously, try those sachet ones - they’re so much tastier.


How about you sachet over to 'trose and fuck off, friend?

(I think sachet works here as a verb? It might have a different spelling though, thoughts?)




Thanks. I think the intent of the joke (and the execution tbf) was pretty good though?


This thread has made me realise I have never bought a curry from a supermarket and eaten it. Ever. Wow.

Short of a dinner option tonight as it goes so might be time to dive in!


the M&S and Waitrose ones are peng. almost as good as a proper takeaway option.


find this very difficult to believe


Charlie Bighams is tasty and £7 from Tezzas. Often get £2 off vouchers at the till and it does two meals, so £2.50 a go is pretty good value.


FTR - I don’t buy charlie bingham’s shite because I’m suspicious of the wooden packaging, and he looks like a fucking melt.


Fucking melt-in-the-mouth goodness that is!

(He looks a proper weapon mate but his curry is better than some takeaway options)