Best Supermarket Curry?

what ye got?

Chaz Bingerz Tikka Masala innit


These ones:

tesco used to do one called mummyji. Was really good. RIP mummyji

can’t even work this one out

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(he’s wrong, btw)

No I’m fucking not

Yeah, definitely Charlie BigMan’s if they’re reduced or you’ve got money to burn.

Otherwise, I’ve found both Sainsbo and Mozzer’s do a serviceable effort. Had a Sainsbo Taste The Difference Beef Madras a few weeks ago that was good.

If you’re making it yourself, but cba sorting out spices and fresh ingredients and etc, these are a good shout:|20000|158500&entry=tastesmiths&groupSimilarProducts=y


just get an actual takeaway instead


Seriously, try those sachet ones - they’re so much tastier.

How about you sachet over to 'trose and fuck off, friend?

(I think sachet works here as a verb? It might have a different spelling though, thoughts?)


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Thanks. I think the intent of the joke (and the execution tbf) was pretty good though?


This thread has made me realise I have never bought a curry from a supermarket and eaten it. Ever. Wow.

Short of a dinner option tonight as it goes so might be time to dive in!

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the M&S and Waitrose ones are peng. almost as good as a proper takeaway option.

find this very difficult to believe


Charlie Bighams is tasty and £7 from Tezzas. Often get £2 off vouchers at the till and it does two meals, so £2.50 a go is pretty good value.

FTR - I don’t buy charlie bingham’s shite because I’m suspicious of the wooden packaging, and he looks like a fucking melt.

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Fucking melt-in-the-mouth goodness that is!

(He looks a proper weapon mate but his curry is better than some takeaway options)

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