Best supermarket sandwich option


My vote:


Sainsbury’s ham hock and mature cheddar.


Last year’s M&S Christmas one with the trimmings.


M&S cheese and celery


that looks good.

i am partial to a cheese ploughman’s or whatever they’re called.

the coldness of supermarket sandwiches always kinda puts me off them though.


sainsburys indian triple that seems to have been discontinued will be forever unmatched


Chicken Salad is usually universally good.



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Waitrose used to do a lovely mixed cheese and Jalapeno sarnie for a while. I miss that sandwich.


At home, not a sandwich. In the sandwich aisle = sandwich


quite partial to these


like eating a bag of mayonnaise


What about pasta salad?




Not a type of bread holding fillings is it


a wrap is a sandwich

a burrito is a wrap

a burrito is not a sandwich

deal with it.


Is a burrito a hot dog?


It’s a wrap.


Loved this, will also go for any sandwich based on bhajis or wrap containing spiced chickpea things (falafel or other options) preferably with some kind of tasty yoghurt and herb dressing. Waitrose certainly used to do a sweet potato falafel flatbread that was unparalleled.




Absolutely not having that