Best takeaway for your area (2020)?

MCR Pizza Revolution for the MME now, imho.

Authentic pizzers, quality ingredients, £6-£10.

Jobs a bob.

any of these please


£7.95 collection.


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NE Manchester is Vedic in Droylsden. Hooooo it’s good shit

Broadway fish House :tropical_fish:

Still table pizza


they’re all bobbins. chorlton seems to have a disproportionate amount of good take aways.

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Indian - Holy Cow
Chinese- Ruby House
Turkish - Anatolia

The quality of an Indian takeaway is roughly proportional to the size of the naan breads they serve. Discuss. (6 marks).


Fish n chips - Sinclairs
Chinese - Good Earth
Indian - Banyan Tree
Pizza - Dominos
Thai - River Kwai

Oh poor prof


Talking very local here, but Sky Kitchen at the top of the estate is the best Chinese takeaway I’ve ever had the fortune to use.

Wouldn’t rank any of them higher than fine/10 tbqfh. Cambridge is surprisingly poor for food.

big up c-town massive

Round us has gone a bit weird since all the restaurants went to takeaway and seemed to have decided to keep it. At the moment it is all about the Nepal Varma from here:

It’s not as good as the curry houses back home but, its still really nice.

This is a different league compared to the other local curry houses.

Red Camel (afghan) is the best on the High Road, imho, although the following are still excellent:

Singburi (thai)
Panda (cantonese dim sum & noodles)
District Mot (vietnamese)
Yard Sale (pizza)
Oven East (turkish)
Mora (sardinian)
Arch Rivals (bit of everything)

The really good Japanese moved up to Woodford the other year, so we don’t get to that one as much now.

I don’t think I’ve had a good takeaway since i stopped eating meat.

On town there’s lots of options but local just seems to be curry with loads of chopped up veg or bad pizza are the only options.

a lot has changed around here since I last lived here. Galaxy used to be the best indian but it’s shit now and got a 1 star hygiene rating. Haven’t had a chinese yet but everyone’s saying different things.
Patchley has always been the best chippy, that’s the one constant.

This pizza place my friend works there so I need to turn up and get free slices cause he totes doesn’t care about giving out free stuff

Don’t really do takeaways though