Best thing that's happened to you in 2017 so far

Just thought it would be nice to share some happy memories.

I think the grandaddy gig I went to was pretty great!


Had to sell my Grandaddy tickets :frowning:

But ran a marathon quicker than I thought I was going to :slight_smile:


My wife had a baby! It’s not exactly easy, and I don’t know if I’d call it fun at all, but it is pretty cool.


real answer is all the lovely comments I got about my record on here but that sounds false so I didn’t want to lead with that and why I’m putting it in a “spoiler” n’ shit


Been a slow start my end Bammers, would probably count the curry I had from Baburs in early January as my highlight so far


aww that’s amazing! Did you come up with a cool name?

well that’s a better achievement than watching a band so you win!

probs not as enjoyable though

well I’m sorry to hear that but good curry is pretty amazing so…

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It’s not been bad or anything, just pretty uneventful thus far. I think I’ve made some extremely good threads as well tbf, you can put them in joint first place with the curry.

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you’re definitely a top tier DiSer in my eyes.


That’s an extremely kind thing to say, thanks man x


We’re happy with it! Although my number one option, Tabitha, was overruled.

Getting up some really steep hills in Yosemite and seeing some ridiculous views


I was heading into Winchester city centre along the Itchen Navigation early on Sunday morning, and just as I got to the entrance to St Catherine’s Hill, there was a gap in the trees and the sun was perfectly framed in the valley, really warm, couldn’t hear the M3 nearby, and not another soul in sight. Dunno what it was, but suddenly felt the happiest and most serene in quite some time. Mother Nature, eh? Great bunch of lad.


Took the longest direct flights I guess? (a 12 hour one and a 14 hour one)
Didn’t even bat an eyelid over them.

Other than that, I dunno. Nothing that hugely sticks out.


you live in New Cross right? Spices on Evelina Road is great. And probably said this before, but Reyna do amazing Lahmacun.


Copenhagen last week and my wife’s 30th birthday have been the standouts so far.

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I do, Reyna has been on the list to try for a while, maybe we’ll do it this weekend!

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