Best thing you ate this weekend


The cookies I made, for me. I ran out of chocolate chips so bashed up a Bournville bar to make up the difference. Phwoar.


I would eat those


Made a good bolognese, leftovers for lunch today!!!


Had some chilli moule frites at Le Chou de Bruxelles.


i ate like a king this weekend.
But the bouillabaise probably edged it.


Veggie ramen noodles from Kanada-Ya, followed by rice pudding and cherry flavoured ice cream from Gelupo.


Refreshing Fungus (fungus, coriander, millet pepper) :hot_pepper:


I ate like an absolute fanny.

And I’d do it again.


Had dinner on Saturday night at Salut! in Canonbury, absolutely fantastic food, best mouthful was probably the lamb I had.


Reckon the new boards could handle a bolognese recipe thread. Think it’d all kick off a bit too much


Paneer stuffed romano peppers.


Sounds shit.


Twice baked cheese soufflé with wilted spinach and cider cream sauce. Best thing I’ve eaten all year.


Yeah, whereas cookies with some shit arse Bournville in them sound brilliant.


@Epimer - he’s done you there.


Excuse me - they also had cheap dark chocolate chips in them, thankyouverymuch.


the chicken roast dinner I made on sunday

potatoes and parsnips roasted in the same tin as the chicken

next level gravy


All the babies on here prefer bisto anyway



Roast Pork last night, amazing!