Best things about working from home

Let’s take “not having to do any fucking work” as read, shall we?

I’ll start with the fact that I’ve taken two calls with bigwigs this morning while wearing my Jedi Knight dressing gown.

In a similar vein, I am still sat in my PJs right now.

Also, the glorious silence and sweet lack of interruption from colleagues.

Playing a bit of computer games or watching TV in your lunch hour.

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Playing video games at lunchtime EDIT: ffs

Getting to spend 10 minutes audibly bitching about an email and the person who sent it before calming down and writing a reasonable response while making a stupid face

No need for a commute.
Fewer interruptions.
Easier to do an early dinner.
Can break the day up with a run, or something.

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unlimited coffee yeeee

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Premier League Years on telly all day at a proper volume
Skyping into meetings with no trousers on

yes… in your lunch hour… and only then


Having an absurd lunch with nobody around to judge you.

Brb, getting my sausage roll out of the warm oven as dessert from my massive baguette (steady).

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I don’t have the privilege of being able to work from home, so I can only dream

Tea and biscuits on tap.

TV or music on in the background.

Not having to get dressed.


If it’s on a washing day you can hang the washing outside before you start and bring it in when you finish!

Also you can spend all day working with the snooker in the background when there’s snooker on obviously.

Spending hours barely doing any work then feeling really guilty at around 4 and thinking “right really must get LOADS done” then deciding it’s too late and you’ll catch up tomorrow.


That’s not unique to WFH though. I do it in the office most days.


Getting paid to wank

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Completing work tasks with your penis out

Oh working from HOME :sweat:

I have the telly on all day if I work from home.

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When there’s a test match on


Might take a quick nap.