Best thing's when...

…you see a bus going down a minor street where there’s no usual route, imho, especially when it goes right past your house.

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This is the BEST. Happened the other day near my house while my in-laws were visiting. They were surprised at how excited it had made me. Brought it up multiple times that day, was thinking about it yesterday evening when I saw a bus too.

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Only thing better is being on the bus when this happens, the low level thrum of excitement that spreads through all the passengers…are we lost? Is it a new driver? Are we being diverted in some kind of Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down scenario?


was once at a bus stop really early in the morning when a bus, that didn’t normally go that route, pulled up.
The driver got out and was like “Sorry mate, you don’t know where this bus starts from do you? i don’t normally drive the M2s” and so I had to direct him to where his route started. Was weird AND great :grinning:


When you see someone who works in a cafe or a restaurant buying loads of one thing like milk or coke in the nearest corner shop


Especially good if it’s a double-decker and you’re not on the ground floor

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Happened to me today.

No matter how old you are you look, point and shout “BUS!”, especially if it’s a double decker, like it’s some sort of miracle.

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Bus diversions are a serious matter.