Best three-pub run/crawl/stumble in the country



I have no criteria per se, so this is an honour system: this needs to be genuinely crawl-able (i.e. no public transport involved) on a night out. I figure the more contributions, the better armed any of us will be drinking across the nation.

So I’ll start with the bit of London I stomp around -


Cutty Sark Inn – beautiful old building, gastro-ish-but-not-too-OTT-food, good beers, good view of the river.

Pelton Arms – much more relaxed, beat-up couches, long bar, live music, sizeable beer garden that’s a little ramshackle but nice, and good ale choices.

Vanbrugh – Much less known than t’other two, huge place, great craft beer selection, good sunday roasts etc, good amount of space between tables, really good staff and atmosphere.



Blythe Hill Tavern - best pub in London imho

Catford Bridge Tavern - adequate, something about this pub annoys me but I can’t quite put my finger on it, but they have a few changing ales so it’s fine really, and it’s huge, and they do food, so.

Catford Constitutional Club - really amazing sausage rolls in here and normally a good ale selection


really good sausage roll qualifier on the third. and if it’s the third in the run of pubs it’s a fact you might well need to know



Regal > All Bar One > Vodka Revs


:smiley: i was waiting for one of these

with a bonus jaunt to fez at the end


Stoke Newington

The Axe - Start off with some proper expensive hipster sludge beers, get a bit tipsy and soak it up with a nice seitan burger.

The Jolly Butchers - More of the same beers… but different?

Coach & Horses - Probably still ragin when the others kick out. Might have footy on. Wahey.


Disclaimer: it’s not, by any stretch, the best 3-pub crawl, but the inclusion of the BHT means it’s worthy of anyone’s time IMHO


i think sometimes one pub can make a crawl totally worth it. like you do the shit are-you-local one as a preamble and finish in the late closer but base it around the glorious middle choice for instance


Port Street Beer House - Castle - Angel - Marble Arch is my favourite (has to be four as there’s a treck between 1 & 2 otherwise). The Castle’s not absolutely brilliant for ale (tends to be generic Robinsons types), but is otherwise the perfect boozer.

More local, the Hillary Step - Font - Marble’s pretty perfect.



5 Lamps - Good beer, excellent food. Lots of miserable old men.

Seven Stars - Average beer, good setting, more miserable old men.

Furnace - Good beer, darts, few people seem to go here in the week so becoming more and more frequented.

Would usually finish at the dolphin but thats not really crawlable


There are about eight pubs in the Fenino run that could could be split in any number of ways to find three good 'uns. Would probably choose the Cambridge Blue, the Free Press and the Devonshire Arms, but could swap the Kingston Arms (and there’s another one I’m forgetting).


god i used to love the kingston



Talking Heads - drink some stella or some shite, listen to some awful acoustic covers at the open mic.

The Hobbit - have yourself a pint of Frodo, try to make out with some students but probably fail. Listen to the same fucking band still covering the clash in 2018.

The Dungeon - get down in time for goth night, throw yourself around to Korn and Rob Zombie even though it’s fucking 2018.


In Bristol, you have Small Bar, Famous Royal Navy Volunteer and Beer Emporium on the same street which is quite spectacular (and formed the finale of my stag do).



Betsey Trotwood

Three Kings

Jerusalem Tavern


Not really into pubs


went in the betsy trotwood with @ericV and @profk, it was decent but not A+


That’s why you start there and then wind your way to the others, your life will improve with every pub.


only ever go in there coz it’s the last place open and am always mashed


£3.20 a pint! Checks date of article Ah, right then.

The Three Kings is our work boozer, I don’t mind it but I don’t love it.