Best Tracks of 2016

Been compiling this playlist of picks throughout the year. Haven’t added much lately. What should I include?

On Spotify there’s commentary tracks from me and Danielle Perry

Or you can listen to us chat with clips on the DiS podcast

I haven’t looked at the list but I adore Sunday Love by Bat For Lashes.

Haven’t really enjoyed the album but that song is wonderful.

this is my running playlist for this year - i do these every year with the main purpose being to keep track of what albums i’ve enjoyed from the year:

Mentioned it in the rolling ambient/drone thread, but this Eluvium track is really great.

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Some stuff here from me. ALL GOOD YEAH?

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ALA.NI – Darkness at Noon

Here’s one that everyone should hear imo

4th Annual collaborative playlist from members of these boards


Haven’t looked at the list yet. Hope Gamma Knife is on there.

Aesop Rock - Blood Sandwich is amazing

Don’t know who rec’d it on here before but fuuuuuuuck it’s good. Cheers.

Banshee — Santigold
Mission Creep — Operators
Soft Scene —Autolux
The River — Ladyhawke
Boredom — Hey Geronimo


Cc dust - never going to die

Include this!

Somebody else - The 1975

No contest. Incredible song

@Brainfreeze have you heard the unofficial album ‘We’re Not Frightened of You’ that’s on youtube at the moment from when they were called Drive Like I Do? Super old versions of Sex and Robbers on there that I’ve heard before.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Marissa Nadler - Hungry Is The Ghost
Cult Of Luna - The Wreck Of SS Needle
Hannah Lou Clark - It’s Your Love
Aesop Rock - Rings
Hammock - We Were So Young

Contenders all.

Properly in love with Let Go Of The Past by The Tuts