Best tubed sweet



standard size, readily available. Get a few suggestions together and we’ll sort it out into a poll. Please keep bagged sweets OUT of this chat!

Wine gums for me




Controversial. But I will accept this suggestion (I will also accept shouts for munchies, rolos and etc.)


Yeah, it’s wine gums but for the sake of discussing further I’m gonna offer up these guys:


i dont think it is controversial, i think its the right answer, and further to this i think that history will show that it was the right answer


Thats not a tube you tube. Nobody says “a tube of wine gums”.


Smarties are just shit M&Ms. This is a fucking nonsense suggestion.


Ant, that’s a very good shout

  1. no theyre not
  2. m&ms dont come in tubes
  3. you are an idiot dickhead


At least they actually come in a tube. I’m furious.


These are all packets. I hate you all

  1. Yes they are, much worse calibre of chocolate
  2. Never said they did
  3. If you can’t discuss something without resorting to name-calling you’ve got some real issues


I was trying to differentiate between the tightly rolled (tubular) packets, and bag packets (starmix, rowntree randoms, etc.)


Well frankly you’ve made a complete mess of it. Hope you’re happy.




In this thread? Yeah why not!



Insta-ban for any Parma Violet lunacy.



fruit Gums obviously


If we’re allowing tube-shaped packages which cease being tubes once the sweets have gone, then the answer is wine gums sourz