Best TV Chef - The FINAL two!

  • Ainsley Harriott
  • Delia Smith

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did i miss the rest of teh competition?


It’s not really between them is it? :expressionless:


it was held behind closed doors


Neither of these are very good but Delia got drunk at the footy so she takes it


duh can’t you read?

  • one of them hairy bikers
  • the sound editor from masterchef

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I did and I wish I hadn’t smee


These two would go out very early doors if you ran this transparently and properly


ooh the sound editor is JUST clinching it


RIP Chalky.


name a better one




Rambo, Steiny, Singhy, Mon-Mon, Kingy, Nigella


see you can’t even name one when asked to


You slippery weasel!


I only know who two of those even refer to to be honest.

To be doubly honest the only purpose of this thread is to explore the depth of the well of love for Ainsley on the boards


What the fuck is going on in this thread


so far of the four up for nominations, the sound editor for masterchef is winning


hmm… that poll is a second semi final at besT