Best TV intro songs

GOT is obviously up there, but I’m also a real big fan of the Brooklyn 99 intro.

What are your favourites?

Only originals, not when they use an existing song for the intro (like Vikings).

B99 is my alarm tone - perfect to wake up to and never really gets annoying.

My So-Called Life is a real ear worm for me, love when the super 80s drums enter

GOT is too long

A Man in a Suitcase. Also use for TFI Friday.

Also The Avengers and Dangerman.

Really like this one as well even though it’s quite simple etc


Bojack Horseman
Thomas the Tank Engine
Crazy Ex Girlfriend season 2


Wire season 1

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The Muppet Show
Twin Peaks

Wanted to say The Leftovers but it turns out the piece that’s stuck in my head (The Departure by Max Richter) is just used a lot in the programme and isn’t used for the opening credits.

The Sopranos

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I often try and recreate Bojack’s by doing a weird “womp-womp” noise with my mouth, which confuses my wife (she doesn’t watch it)

@NotEvenDreams The Leftovers changed to something upbeat after season 1…which I didn’t care for. Amazing soundtrack though. Got some strong numbers from me.

For my own picks;
The Sweeney (of course)
Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (had to)
Stranger Things

Yeah, my wife reminded me of that country when I was looking for Max.

MASH theme tune will always hold nostalgia for me hearing it play downstairs whilst I was in bed cause I was too young to stay up.

(Apparently it aired 1972 to 1983 - lol I’m not that old it must’ve been repeats)

…I don’t follow.


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The Leftovers opening credits track for season 2/3 - was chatting with her about how much I liked thr Max Richter piano track that they used as the theme for The Leftovers - she told me the piece I was thinking of wasn’t the theme used in the credits at all and that they used this for the opening credits after the first season:

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