Best TV Live Performances



This thread is for particularly notable TV performances from bands, such as

Ty Segall And The Muggers on WGN

Dan Deacon on NBC

Future Islands on Letterman

Odd Future on Jimmy Fallon

Share videos of good or great or interesting live TV studio performances
Outstanding / Definitive Live Performances (YouTube-centric)

Can’t find that At The Drive In performance of One Armed Scissor from Jools Holland anywhere nowadays.

Still got Rolodex Propaganda though.


yep, i thought of that immediately too! got it on a dvd somewhere…


tough to choose just one but these spring to mind:
american tv:
honourable mention:
english tv:
honourable mention (end):

and this that has a tonne of gold standard, crazy amazing moments:

i’m gonna miss this dude. :frowning: r.i.p. <+)o


this is a favourite of mine:


yeah some Jools Holland got took down, including “tinsletown in the rain” , which is my favourite performance


Looks like they wanna host it all themselves, which isn’t entirely unreasonable.


Oh great. Yeah for sure. That’s me fave anyway!


Janelle monae doing tightrope on letterman obvs.


Here it is with extra pixels


Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

I also really like this version of Rest Will Follow by Trail of Dead,


You reminding me of that incredible JSBX vid alone makes this thread worthwhile


Yer man


glad I could be of service


This is pretty great. Not only is it Del and Dinosaur Jr, but Mike D is on drums and Mike Watt is playing bass:


Love this - hilarious. Only PSB could get gold cricket bats on TOTP. And Chris Lowe dancing behind a giant blue egg…


Tindersticks: Talk to me on Jools (with a string ensemble)…Youtube it. Makes me want to throw things across the room.


what genius at MTV thought this would end well?

extra props for the angry security guys you can see running around in the outside shots at the end, and the fucking mad youtube comment thread.


Always love the interaction and music in this…


and the lyrical flow of this…