Best TV Live Performances

Definitely worth seeing when they play again. Such a fun live band :grinning:

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Absolutely love Young Fathers. This performance is amazing, yet hardly matches their live act

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I last saw them at Glastonbury in 2013, I think they were pretty good but it was late Sunday evening and I was in a bit of a state tbf. Recall the singer crowdsurfing over to one of the tent poles, climbing up, and singing a song whilst hanging off the side.

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Something weird but hypnotic about it I guess. I thought it was a pretty average song till I got into the live version.

This is great!

This is a couple of years old so might have been shared but this is just amazing


big mic Roddy is the best!

I wish there was a shot of the audience when the vocals come in just to see the look on their faces.
The build from 3:15 is exquisite.