Best urban wildlife (poll)

Time to settle this once and for all

  • Crow
  • Fox
  • Feral pigeon
  • Sparrow
  • Squirrel
  • Stray cat
  • Tiny mouse
  • Wasp
  • Wood pigeon

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Not to influence your votes but here is a hilarious squirrel I saw this morning


swithering between fox and squirrel

Badgers live in the countryside m9

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Squirrels are fucking wankers. How the hell are they leading this poll?


crows are one of the few acceptable birds, v charismatic not like most of these other avian wankers


the neighbours here have a herd of sheep they let out on the grass every evening, and its definitely an urban environment, so sheep.

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Saw a seagull running round holding half a baguette in its beak recently. Tried and failed to get a picture


Squirrels are a laugh but I think I like foxes slightly more


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big baguette or demi?


I’m going with Fox, because in an urban environment, nothing out-cutes a baby fox.

I’m with @stickboy though - you definitely get urban badgers.

Other disappointing omissions from the list for me are:

  • Hedgehog
  • Heron that’s a bit lost
  • Rogue bird of prey that lives in the eaves of a very tall tower block, probably a plant by Springwatch tbh

Yeah, when I lived in Sutton I used to see herons fairly regularly. I saw a Kingfisher a couple of times too. They’re bloody brilliant.

The most whimsical animal of all: man.


Stray cat.

But do have a love of crows then I’d say foxes and finally squirrel

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Jealous of you townies and your easily-spotted urban wildlife - rural critters are too scared of humans.

I love seeing foxes on my way home at night, it makes me feel calm


They are clever as fuck tbh tbf :+1:

I saw an urban badger a few weeks back

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