Best urban wildlife (poll)


Time to settle this once and for all

  • Crow
  • Fox
  • Feral pigeon
  • Sparrow
  • Squirrel
  • Stray cat
  • Tiny mouse
  • Wasp
  • Wood pigeon

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Not to influence your votes but here is a hilarious squirrel I saw this morning


swithering between fox and squirrel


If you just wanted to post your photo of a squirrel you didn’t have to make a poll with rubbish choices (except squirrel)

where the hell is badger??


Badgers live in the countryside m9


Squirrels are fucking wankers. How the hell are they leading this poll?


crows are one of the few acceptable birds, v charismatic not like most of these other avian wankers


the neighbours here have a herd of sheep they let out on the grass every evening, and its definitely an urban environment, so sheep.



A report to be published this week will show that many normally shy rural species are now setting up home Britain’s towns and cities.

Badgers are flourishing in cities such as London, Birmingham and Bristol, often being sighted in back gardens and near to railway lines, according to the Living with Mammals Survey.


Saw a seagull running round holding half a baguette in its beak recently. Tried and failed to get a picture


Squirrels are a laugh but I think I like foxes slightly more




big baguette or demi?




I’m going with Fox, because in an urban environment, nothing out-cutes a baby fox.

I’m with @stickboy though - you definitely get urban badgers.

Other disappointing omissions from the list for me are:

  • Hedgehog
  • Heron that’s a bit lost
  • Rogue bird of prey that lives in the eaves of a very tall tower block, probably a plant by Springwatch tbh


Couple of interesting facts on your additions

I have a heron that lives opposite my house (in a river)

Some chavs set fire to some hedgehogs in the local park the other night and bragged about it on social media. The town are in uproar and the police have arrested them


Yeah, when I lived in Sutton I used to see herons fairly regularly. I saw a Kingfisher a couple of times too. They’re bloody brilliant.


indeed they are - every time I see the heron take off im still amazed by its massive wingspan


The most whimsical animal of all: man.


I’ve seen bare badgers about, m9s, on pavement and stuff. there should be more urban badgers. us cosmopolitan town and city folk should save them from the country bastards.