Best urban wildlife (poll)

Mate have you even seen The Birds

Looks v. cool, but so skinny :frowning:

I live near some railway lines in Bristol and I have seen badgers around, so I endorse this message.

then how do you explain this?



@mods please ban the badger fanclub for harassing me

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It’s all hares & deer and goshawks round ‘ere

@anon82218317 met this good cat earlier


Saw a hedgehog on the way home.


Fwiw I meant to put them in, I genuinely just forgot.

How long did you follow it for?

Don’t lie.

OK boring story alert.

I used to smoke, but I switched to vaping three years ago. When we moved into this house we agreed that we woudn’t smoke in the house, so we used to both go out of the back door and smoke there, which had the bonus that I could look at the wlidlife in the garden. One year I noticed that there was a weird scraping sound coming from the garden when I was out puffing, but since we live on a railway embankment I assumed it was the signals switching. One day that year, Mrs F was out during the daytime, and she discovered that it was in fact a hedgehog that had fallen into one of her empty flowerpots and had been scratching away at the pot for a week trying to get out. She fed it and it hung around our garden for the winter. We cut it holes in the fences and fed it and it cropped up a few times including with another hedgehog. But we don’t go out back at night any more so maybe it isn’t there any more…

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I dunno, it was when I was blundering home drunk from my friend’s house in the middle of the night.

From my experience, drunk is the time when following hedgehogs becomes most compelling.