Best value supermarket snack/treat


Think you’ll struggle to beat five (5) jam doughnuts for 65p from Tezzers. That’s 13p per jam doughnut!


Veggie pattie, 80p from sainsos


4 Snickers for £1 is a pretty sweet deal in this day and age.


You’d rather have five jam doughnuts, though, let’s be honest.


I’d like to use a Snickers as a stick for a jam doughnut lollipop, now that the idea’s entered my head.


There is more than £1.65 in my wallet.


I’d like to use the Snickers as a rudimentary skeleton for a Wayne’s World-esque doughnut man.


Quite fond of supermarket ginger nuts, they’re always under 50p for a big pack


We’re all friends here, no need to lie.


Also another tip on how to be a grossly unhealthy vegan: gingernuts dipped in this and left to cool make a great milk choclatey biscuit :ok_hand:t5:


Honestly no! Apparently Morrisons doughnuts are suitable for vegans but jam doughnuts are nothing on their fried funfair/krispy kreme counterparts


I have never disagreed more vehemently with anything in my entire life.

Good day.