Best versions of things (polls/chat)

  • Standard Curtains
  • Blackout Curtains
  • Blinds
  • Net Curtains
  • Voile

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I hadn’t even mentioned that we hadn’t picked names for the new four. Omg. DONE.

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it kind of depends really - I would live a nice blackout curtain in my bedroom so it’s proper dark when I sleep, had one in my old flat and it was good, but wouldn’t want one in my front room.

I have shutters in my front facing rooms and they’re good, had blinds before and they were decent

Get off the fence, breakfast!

I don’t really like complete dark when I sleep and don’t like waking up in the dark, so I am not a fan of blackout curtains.

I’m one of those people who has to turn off any devices like TV’s or whatever in the bedroom as even a little red light would annoy me. my wife has suggested I shut my eyes so I can’t see it, but it’s not quite as easy as that.


In the way that only a wife can :laughing:

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All the freaky goth letters at the end of the alphabet are the best, X, V… What the fuck is Y nobody even knows. Anything past T is no-man’s land and I love it.


100% this. ALL LIGHTS OFF.

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Q all the way

A scathing review of lockdown shopping

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Regularly have this argument with my bf whenever he moves the thing i put in front of the red light on the tv in the bedroom



  • Tommy Thumb
  • Peter Pointer
  • Middle Man
  • Ringy tall
  • Baby small

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Middle man and ringy tall are cracking me up for some reason.

(We say toby tall and ruby ring)


Eggs are okay but hard boiled ones are evil beyond belief.

Not thought to listen to Terrorvision in years.

I couldn’t remember the ring one so made it up. Definitely sang middle man though.