Best videogames of 2017 thread

I know it’s not over yet, and we all have unplayed titles, but a large majority of the big releases for the year are now out.

We use the next fortnight to list the games we most like, debate them, and then put all the entries into a poll to vote on until the end of the year.

To keep the thread different from the regular gaming one, only games that came out this year or had substantial reworkings are eligible. So no ports or graphically remastered editions count.

Hopefully we’ll all discover a few games that we missed first time around and can all argue pointlessly about a topic we’ll forget about in 2 months time anyhow…

Football Manager 2018


The winner will probably be Zelda. It’s Mario Odyssey for me though. Spectacular game.


Mario Bounce on the thing

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Dust Bindicoot

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Yeah, it’s Mario for me, just pips Zelda despite BotW being the greater achievement in terms of scale and gameplay design and the probable implications for open world sandboxes everywhere subsequent.

Nothing gets close to Mario for sheer joy though, one of the most purely enjoyable gaming experiences I’ve had in a very long time.


Last of us

For me, it’s Breath of the Wild.

I’ve enjoyed a great many games in recent years but it’s probably been almost a decade since I played a game that moved on single player gaming in some way, like RE4, Metroid Prime, Mario Galaxy or GTA Vice City.

BOTW for me has changed games forever. There are things about it which I don’t think are perfect (lack of difference in weapon durability, enemy variety and larger dungeon-esque shrines), but an iterative tweak to these issues seems very easy in a future follow up.

It’s not just the faith it places on you as a gamer, or the freedom; rather the way it removes the limitations of open world games entirely: Climb anything. Weather that has a genuine effect. A story that plays out cleverly no matter your path through the game. 100s of reasons to play on after the credits roll. Items that affect your experience rather than give you XP. Mechanics and systems that you’re given to play with from the outset, meaning anything that you can’t do in the game is purely of your own shortcoming.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent so many hours in a game just happily doing… well, nothing, really? Just climbing a peak to see what up there and watch the sun come up.

BOTW is s special game for me and one which I think has changed open world adventures, for the better, forever.


I have played one game this year, Pokémon Red. That’s got my vote.


this will not be a particular surprise but for me, it’s Persona 5. i still want to replay it at some point before making a final decision on whether it’s better than Persona 4 Golden (provisional opinion: maybe just edging it) but it’s easily the best game i played this year. reasons would be:

  • just look at it ffs. the whole style of the game is amazing, even the menus look great

  • it has substance to go with the style too. i liked the story, took me 120 hours to complete the game, battles were fun and many of the boss battles were great. some of the palaces went on a bit too long but they were a massive step up from the randomly generated dungeons in P4 and Tartarus in P3

  • characters were good, in particular a big fan of Makoto, Yusuke, Ryuji, Futaba and Akechi. i only thought that one of the main party, Haru, was a bit pointless but that was because she got introduced too late on and i couldn’t level up one of my stats enough to do anything with her. she’s ace in battle though.

  • the music :heart:

probably fair to say i got a bit obsessed with the game. i got the special edition, i have a Morgana t-shirt, i have the art book, and i spent god knows how long making an IRL app that recreates an app in the game. so for me, easy number 1 for 2017 and i look very much forward to Persona 6 coming out in about 2025 on the Playstation 6


Definately Persona 5 for me too. Not sure there’s much I can add to this other than to say it’s an absolute joy to play and ticks all of the boxes for what I love about video games.

Did you make the Persona IM app!? I have that coupled with the notification sounds from the game :grinning:

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Friends of mine have commented on my use of that app so many times! Everyone thinks it’s amazing. I love it.


i did indeed make it!

still amazes me that so many people downloaded it let alone like and use it, figured a few people would download it and go “huh, neat” and then switch back asap. last time i checked it was on just over 200k downloads :astonished:

one day i finish it off with all the features i’d like to add, honest…


It’s great and really well made, amazing work! 200k downloads is incredible!



I’d love to play this. Sounds so intriguing.

I listened to a podcast recently and they were talking about this. The host made some comment about putting 400-500 hours into it and still not having seen the end sequence. Is it impossible to finish or was he being dramatic for an easy laugh?!

400-500 seems excessive tbh, the only way you can not get to the proper ending is if, near the end when you basically get asked “would you like to get the proper ending?” and you say “nah, it’s alright m8” and you get a different ending. i didn’t particularly rush through or dawdle to get it done in 120 hours, will probably be quicker on new game plus.

I’ve just started playing Persona 5 this weekend, really enjoying it and will now look for your IM app


Saying it’s my GOTY, but I still need to actually finish it! I’m around 100 hours in and think I’m close to the end, but then I got side tracked playing FFVII! I think you’d struggle to put 500 hours into one play through.

Getting a Switch for Christmas as a joint present for me and my son (he’s 2 so is going to need some help!) I’m so excited for Mario and Zelda! I’m desperately trying to get all the other games I have on the go finished before then.

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