Best Way to cook sausages

Cooked sausages in the oven last week, with a tasty wee honey mustard topping :+1:

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no you didn’t :slight_smile:


Oveners and grillers, enjoy your chewy, non-oil-infused sausage skins at Reading, you monsters.


honestly, you’ll never go back

Nah as long as you don’t pierce them they won’t be too dry. You an get the skin proper crispy as well.fried sausages can be really greasy and take more effort to get right and properly cook through.

Once I moved to oven cooking from pan frying I never looked back

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Well oven sausages can be really uriney if you cook them in urine.

The lovely cripsy cancer is the best bit of a sausage and the way to that heaven is frying, competently.

Plus cooking a sausage in an oven dooms about 30 penguins according to Greenpeace. I think.

Disagree. Grilling is the way to go if you want burnt, crispy sausages

Put some veggies in the oven. That’s the great thing about ovens once you have en running you can put all sorts

Next time I do so I’ll be photo blogging it for you


The skin of a sausage should be crisp, unless you’re French.

Christ I give up on you people. I’m off to get drunk.


Boil em mash em stick em in a stew.

No, sorry, shaved.

Caught my housemate shaving sausage into pasta the other day. Properly weird.

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Never heard it called that before


Open goal mouth!

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Roast some potatoes and veg; chuck some sausages in for 20 minutes at the end.

If you’re Nigel Slater, call it an easy sausage supper; if you’re my wife, call it sausagey potatoes.


How do I find out which one I am?

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Cook the food and get someone to ask you what you’re making.

If you’re the former, continue making TV cookery shows that suggest normal people have leftover duck breast and cherry compote in their fridges; if you’re the latter, could you do the dishes?