Best Way to cook sausages

5 second rule

you know how they say if you’re putting them in the oven don’t prick them, but then you get the ones that are linked together and you need to cut them apart anyway so they got a hole in the ends

whats that about eh


  • Brown sauce
  • Tomato sauce
  • No sauce

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Needs an option for all three.


Need more information about what we’re serving - sandwich would be different to …and mash.

Love a bit of pickle in a cold sausage sandwich. But otherwise mustard is best

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For a moment I thought this was to the sauce question.


Big fan of this :smiley:



(Suppose it’s basically grilling really)

I’m not made of money. Who can afford all three in these struggling times?

N.B. As a very irregular dis poster it was something I immediately regretted. Need to up my game.

Also, my dad used to organise a charity a BBQ. One of the others who organised it used to work for walls and we used to have hundreds of walls microwavable sausages after the event.

Microwave has a benefit of no washing up, but with horrible sausages.

Also reminds me of a guy at work who told me he regularly ate a dinner of micro chips and microwavable sausages and just banged it on for fice minutes. Hero.

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I’ve got an invention that is proper Marmite.

Egg yolk sauce. Could be a proper pantry gamechanger

What’s the difference between a normal sausage and a microwavable sausage?

sounds like the setup to a bad joke but it’s not…
is it

If you could come up with a joke about that, I’m sure it would be a banger.


Same as between an uncooked burger and one of those Rustlers ones, I imagine.

The microwave ones are probably pre-cooked and freeze-dried.

Weirdly, I remember this coming up on the old DiS.

TBF, I love egg yolk and if it was a sauce option I would devour it.

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It’s called Hollandaise, mate

On a serious note though, while hot, fresh runny egg yolk is A Good Thing, I reckon an ambient table sauce version would probably be a bit horrible.

The problem with cooking sausages is there’s always snags.

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*they always try to walk it in