Best way to deal with racist family members?

  • Get angry, and shout at them condemning their bigotry
  • Get indifferent, and ignore them/give them the silent treatment/don’t invite them to future family events
  • Get horny, and seduce them - incest is the wincest for a world harmony fest

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Done the angry one many times - doesn’t work

Now I just change subject/ignore

For someone who has just swearily told off a troll on the music forum, you might want to consider that “wincest” and other 16 year old troll speak is not really considered very funny here.

As you were.

Which family members are you talking about? And what level of racism? Many people born in the 50s/60s have an inbuilt casual racism that they’re not even aware of and you’ll never shake.

Oh. Probably shouldn’t take this one seriously then.

One of my cousin’s is getting married next August and his fiancé was a bit racist and pro-fur at the last wedding I went to.

Actually, considering booking a holiday to avoid it.

idk tbh (just to be clear, the same user who started this thread just told off a troll, so…)

I assumed they were both the same person.


Is this one of our regulars?


shouldn’t take the bait


they are, they both have the same IP address


fair play though tbf. sick of them coming over here, taking our jobs, stealing our women, refusing to learn the language. fucking family members.

hahaha, what a fucking loser


Think we can have this discussion without involving weird bigoted incest fantasies.

I find it better to say ‘that thing you just said comes across as racist’ rather than just saying ‘YOU = RACIST’ in their faces. Always stay absolutely calm when arguing and never raise your voice, because it makes whoever you’re arguing against annoyed and irate. Then they get angrier and angrier, making them look unhinged, which works in your favour.


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