Best way to kill time at a train station


For the FAO of @laelfy


Nah. Just download a silly game on your phone


which train station?


This, unless there’s a bookshop to browse.


Put on a high-vis jacket and see how many people you can direct to the wrong trains.


Trip up people with wheelie suitcases as they walk past.


Just post on Dis.


Mulling over the futility of existence


Ooo, go wander around M&S and buy the following -

1 individual victoria sponge cake
1 packet of percy pigs (any variety)
Either a sandwich or some other delicious savoury meal.
A packet of crisps
1 gin and tonic

Then make your way to WH Smith, go buy either a newspaper, a crappy magazine or a good magazine.

THEN make your way to one of the many coffee shops, buy a coffee…

Take your time doing all these, by the time you’ve finished and have a nice warm coffee in hand enter your train and relaaaaaaax.


Play some music from your phone and start dancing and see if it turns into a flashmob.


You’ll also have spent approximately nine hundred pounds.


worth every penny :money_mouth_face:

(I don’t get trains very often :blush: I like to treat myself)


Go up to children and ask them if they want to go to the moon. If they say yes put them on a train to Wales.


Of which around £850 was on the “special offers” that WH Smith blitz you with at the checkout.


Ahhh too late epimer! I was literally boarding my train as you posted. I did browse the teeny m&s and WHSmiths and bought a ham and cheese toastie. I also had some bants with the French customs guy (he tried to charge me £10 for a stamp on my passport). Didn’t get the full on security experience this time - maybe cause I had a suitcase and not a backpack.


Drinking in the station bar, obviously.


go to the bar of course, silly thread


Yeah it’s obviously the bar


Fuck sake.



Change the tread title to ‘things to do on a train’