Best way you have broken a mobile phone/other small technologies

I still giggle about how I once went to nonchalantly answer my mobile when there were people in my room and it slipped, but it just looked like I intentionally chucked the thing in a full pint of water.


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I bit my phone when I was off my tits and the screen shattered in my mouth. Idiot.


:smiley: amazing

3 phones in a row (in less than 12 months) got ruined by me jumping into water with them in my pocket

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Broke a 3310 by dropping it into a pint of beer. No amount of rice could save it.

Never broken a phone, mp3 player, etc etc.

It helps to not leave the house much.


I’ve only ever broken one phone, and that was when I laid down on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to take a photo with my camera from what I thought was an artistic angle. My phone was in my back pocket and and I must have forced it to bend too much and the insides burst out through the screen.

i bought a really stupid cigarette case and it scratched the crap out of the screen of my new phone when in the same pocket. served me right it did.

I tripped over a chain while I was running for a taxi in Liverpool once. For some reason I was holding my phone aloft at the time, and the screen broke my fall. Someone immediately shouted “you twat.” Real life Dissing there.


Thought the best thing to do after someone threw up on my leg was to just get in the shower fully clothed and forgot to empty my pockets.

Then after failing to find any rice I decided the next best thing would be to put my phone in a low oven.


Intentionally destroyed it for an insurance jobbie. Involved me and my housemate playing catch with it out my window, which didn’t seem to harm it that much. Eventually just took a hammer to it.

Accidental damage. Mistook it for a nail.

managed to drop a key ring remote thing for an electric garage door down a drain once

that’s all I got

Not really relevant but I strongly remember the time Kester (yes that was his name) came into school with a new plastic ruler. He was very pleased with his new ruler and was swishing it about like it was a sword.

He promptly dropped it and it shattered into a any pieces. poor Kester,

Shatterproof rulers were already a thing, but he hadn’t had the foresight to buy one

I once bought a JCB tough phone.
My friend dared me to throw it at a wall.
I did - It broke.


really excitedly tried to play a chef Darling Nikki by Prince while working as a pot washer in a pub, but my ipod classic fell off the top of the fridge where the dock was and smashed the hard drive :frowning:

Not broke, but after a very long period of singledom I got a girls number at a bar in west London. I was REALLY drunk and stupidly decided to get a series of night buses home. I was on an N29 and dropped my phone on the aisle of the bus, and some little sod picked it up, pushed the emergency door release button and legged it. I don’t think I even bothered giving chase I was so drunk.

breaking the rules a bit here - this wasn’t my phone, and the phone actually survived, miraculously

my colleague plays this pub game called aunt sally that involves chucking bowling pin-sized wooden sticks at a target from one end of the pub’s beer garden to the other.

a group of us went along to play this game, and it got dark so my colleague put the torch on his phone on and put it in a pint glass on a table about 6 feet away from the target. another colleague decided to show off and threw the stick under one of his legs. obviously he massively missed the target but managed to hit the pint glass, which exploded spectacularly and sent the phone flying. phone was retrieved without a scratch on it

How is this man not in prison


I dropped my work security pass down the toilet just as I flushed it. That meant I couldn’t get back in the office and I’d left my phone on my desk to phone them up to let me back in.

I had to go down to reception to get them to phone someone in my office to let me in.

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The man in that car? Balonz.