Best ways of making a room smell nice

Any tips? Don’t particularly need to mask any odours but would like people’s first impression to be ‘it smells nice in here’.

What can I buy? Are reed diffusers any good?

I find that not pissing in it is the best way


Febreeze, 100%.

Them ‘cotton fresh’ Ambi-Pur plugins are decent as well.

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Eat a diet of edible flowers and fart a lot


nag champa


Don’t have a man in the room

I love scented candles and even the odd incense stick. Never fuck with febreze and the like. Diffusers and plugins are pricey but effective


Bread maker

Bowl of rice

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If you believe


join the rest of us whose homes smell like a log cabin in a pine forest


Wake each morning and bake a batch of fresh bread.

Then maybe a cigar at lunch time

And put up a real Xmas tree in the evening


Cheap reed diffusers are awful and thin-smelling. If you can afford a fancy one, do it. These are the shit and you can get about a year’s use out of them if you keep turning the reeds over:

Rhubarbarella is my shit.

Scented candles too. TK Maxx do cheapish big ones. If you like pumpkin spice scent, stock up because they have loads ATM (although since they’ve started stocking dozens of pumpkin hybrid candles, I find most of them smell a bit sickly to me).

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Beautiful posting.

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Flowers, plants and clean the room regularly.


Open the windows for an hour each morning. Vacuum carpets and sofas.

Don’t have a dog :grimacing:


Not totally sure if this is the solution or the cause of odours.

was coming here to type “don’t let the dog in it”

had a awful broken nights sleep last night, and every time I walked back into our bedroom to try to lie down and kip again there was just a huge gust of dogginess


Reed diffusers are pretty good. My partner got a lot of them, so our rooms smell nice until I enter them.

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Most things like air fresheners and diffusers make me feel sick. As eric says the paines woody incense is great, not overpowering like a proper incense (pain in the butt to keep lit sometimes though)

Always paranoid my flat smells gross but visitors usually mention it smelling nice whem they come in even if its been a while since i last burned any incense as it can linger in fabric etc


Absolutely this. Dunelm do a range of fancy ones which are nice too.

Good quality wax melts too tend to linger, yankee candle ones or scentsationals ones, or handmade ones can be very good.