Best ways to season chicken?

Ingredients and method. Talk to me…

A whole one in a roast?

Stick an entire can of coke up your arse.


Never used to like chicken and tarragon but now I love it

Nah, breasts and thighs and that. Come on Tiger Tim, play the bloody game, man.

Wings or thighs,

Dusitng of spices (paprika, cayenne, herbs)

Bake bbq or fry if you’re not on a health kick

Mix up big bowl of Frank’s sauce, cider or white wine vinegar (loads of it) , melted butler.

Dunk cooked chicken in sauce

Are you willing to marinade? That IME works much better than just dry seasoning. Although it is time consuming.

For a healthy alternative this is good

Well worth taking time to make coleslaw too


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Season cavity with salt and pepper
Diced onion and a pierced lemon up its rear
Basted with olive oil and a selection of the usual herbs – e.g. thyme, oregano etc.

nandos sauce

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Mostly paprika and onion, but it’s glorious. Great on chips/roasties too.

can of beer up the arse.

you don’t bake a chicken pal

wasn’t he the bad guy from the batman films?

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For a whole one, I mix up olive oil, garlic salt and chilli flakes and brush it all over then bung it in the oven at top whack then turn it straight down. Very easy but tasty as fuck. I also like to bake chicken breasts for about 30 mins, pull them apart with a fork and toss in a mix of chilli powder, paprika, coriander, oregano, salt and pepper then slow cook it for about 2/3 hours with some onion and lime and orange juice. Really tasty.