Best ways to store fresh produce???

I hate letting it just lie in the plastic boxes and wrappings cause of condensation etc. Also don’t like it just lying around loose in the fridge.

For this exciting Friday thread, I would very much like to hear about how YOU prefer to store your fresh produce!! Edit: WITHIN THE FRIDGE!!!

This problem is probably the main reason I don’t tend to buy a lot of fresh produce


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In the crisper?!

Chocolate - cupboard
Eggs - cupboard
Veg - fridge
Oven chips - freezer

Please see updates to the OP.

I think you might have a shit fridge. I have no condensation issues.

White ‘shit fridge’ Russian

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Create a new shelf in your fridge that you can share with your housemate

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I don’t have a housemate and I don’t see how this would help??

Most veg - fridge, pop the cellophane to help mushrooms last longer. Also put a piece of kitchen roll in salad bags to absorb moisture and make them last.
Fruit - fruit bowl except grapes and raspberries which go in fridge
Potatoes, butternut and sweet potatoes - dark cupboard


Seems probable. But I’m trying to find out what measures I can take to keep the produce fresh and delicious for as long as possible.

bury it in snow?

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It’s alright I was referencing a rubbish thread from yesterday


Freshness hex?

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Anyone got a self cleaning fridge?

All of this except the kitchen roll as we never have any.

Plus a migration of things like avocado, tomato, banana into the fridge when they’ve served their time on the side

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I invariably just leave it in the original packaging/bag and try to eat it before it goes bad. The only thing I do anything else with is celery, which I only buy to use a couple of bits in stock, so if nobody’s going to eat it I chop it up and freeze it

God I wish

cover it in salt and bury it

i’ve never understood the science behind the vegetable crisper